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Performance Award
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Sr. Customer Support Executive

Position Objective:
The objective of the Senior Customer Support Executive is to ensure excellent customer satisfaction and retention by overseeing and managing customer service operations. This includes handling escalated inquiries, guiding junior support staff, analyzing feedback for continuous improvement, and ensuring overall service quality.

Technical Support Executive

Position Objective:

The objective of the Technical Support Executive position at Nexus Fintrade Limited is to provide exemplary technical assistance and support to both our clients and internal teams, ensuring the seamless operation of our proprietary software and platforms. As a member of our dynamic team, your goal is to deliver prompt and proficient first-level technical support, effectively diagnose and resolve issues, and contribute to the overall satisfaction of our clients within the money broking industry in Malaysia. Additionally, you will play a vital role in documenting support interactions, collaborating with senior technical support staff to address complex issues, and actively participating in the continuous improvement of our products and services based on client feedback. Through your dedication and expertise, you will contribute significantly to upholding our commitment to excellence and driving the success of Nexus Fintrade Limited in the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology.

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