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Nexus Fintrade Introducing Brokers

Are you searching for new revenue streams in the financial industry?

Look no further.

Our innovative money broker platform is seeking introducer brokers like you to help us reach a wider audience. We are disrupting the market with our advanced trading tools and access to the global markets.

Want To Partner Right Away?

Seize new opportunities, maximize earnings, and partner with success. Click the 'Create Account' button to embark on a lucrative path in the world of brokerage.

As an introducing broker, you can leverage our platform to attract clients seeking enhanced trading capabilities. Earn generous commissions for every client you bring to us and watch your income soar.

daily payouts

NexusFT IB programme is designed to help you generate steady income, offer significant rebates, and stand out from competitors, making your offer very attractive.

With our platform, clients can trade forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more from a single interface, providing them with diverse investment opportunities.

Here’s why people in the industry trade with us:


  • Regulated by a well-established governing authority.


  • Enhance trading capabilities with leverage up to  1:100.


  • Funds are kept with additional layer of security without co-mingling of client and operation funds.


  • Round the clock support via phone, email & live chat available to resolve any issues swiftly.


  • Accessible trading for all with a low minimum deposit of USD 100.


  • Diversify with 100+ instruments, including currencies, commodities, and indices, enhancing your trading portfolio versatility.


Join us as an introducing broker today and unlock a world of financial possibilities for yourself and your clients.

NexusFT IB Program

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Welcome to Nexus Fintrade Introducing Brokers program.


In this session, we will brief you on what our IB has to offer.

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